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Archives - Thursday, June 14, 2012
Latest Financial Records for Congress Released
USA Today
Costs Exceed Results in Medicaid Fraud Program
Los Angeles Times
Obama Turns to NYC Celebrities for Campaign Cash
CBS News
White House, Lawmakers Prepare for Supreme Court Ruling on Obama's Health-Care Law
Washington Post
New Ads in Indiana Frame a Stirring Senate Race
New York Times
Florida Governor: Elections Officials Thought I Was Dead
Obama Tours New World Trade Center Site
CBS News
Obama Signs Beam At One World Trade Center
ABC News
Obama on Competing Visions for Economy  
CBS News
Nancy Pelosi Quickly Counters John Boehner's Pro-Mitt Romney Video
Roll Call
School Vouchers Fight Crosses Party Lines
Roll Call
In Romney's Home State of Massachusetts, a Launching Pad But No Big Base
Washington Post
  Blogged At: RedState
Obama Admits "Fine" Gaffe  
CBS News
In New Gambit, Obama Asks Voters to Break Washington Stalemate
National Journal
Dems Decry 'Blatant Abuse of Power' in Holder Contempt Vote
The Hill
  News - U.S.  
Red States Bank on Own Health Care Exchanges
  Blogged At: Ezra Klein
The Cupcake Tank is the Draw At the Pentagon
ABC News
Legal Voters May Or May Not Have Been Purged from Florida Rolls
McClatchy News
Why Middle Class Has Taken a Big Hit
Recession Impact: Minorities' Net Worth Falls By a Third
National Journal
Florida's Noncitizen Voter Purge Grew from 5-Minute Conversation
McClatchy News
Georgia Denies KKK's Request to 'Adopt-A-Highway'
Rick Scott on Purge: We Found 50 Non-Citizen Voters So 'Debate is Over'
More Than Seven in 10 US Teens Jobless in Summer
Boston Globe
US Violent Crime Rate Down for Fifth Straight Year
Christian Science Monitor
U.S. Military, Experts Working to Curb Suicides
National Journal
  Blogged At: Huffington Post
Fed: Family Net Worth Down 40%
War on Religion? North Dakota Measure 3 Aims to Strike Back.
Christian Science Monitor
Klan Highway: Is the KKK Now a Litter Bug Club?
Christian Science Monitor
FBI: Violent Crime Down for Fifth Straight Year
Boston Globe
  News - World  
Greece Voters Face Tough Choices At Polls
Los Angeles Times
Morning Brief: Spain's Borrowing Costs Hit New High As Europe Braces for Greek Elections
Copters in Syria May Not Be New, U.S. Officials Say
New York Times
  Blogged At: Firedoglake, Outside The Beltway
U.S. Expands Secret Intelligence Operations in Africa
Washington Post
  Blogged At: Ezra Klein, Firedoglake, Think Progress
The Battle for the Military's Future
Washington Post
U.S. Attacks Russia Over Copters for Syria, But Pentagon Buys Them, Too
McClatchy News
Pakistan Border Closure Costs U.S. $100 Million a Month
Washington Post
Morning Brief: Wave of Bombings Strikes Iraq
Rock Star No More: Why Global Opinion of Obama Has Deflated
Christian Science Monitor
Syria Lashes Out At US Over Massacre Remarks
Boston Globe
Defense Secretary Panetta's Pakistan Comments Complicate Talks
Los Angeles Times
Survey: US Drone Program Unpopular Overseas
Boston Globe
  Latest About Moderates  
How Election Could Force Bipartisanship As Sole Path to Legislative Success
Jeb Bush Says His Father and Reagan Would Lose Out in Today's GOP
ABC News
Angus King Makes a Last Stand for Moderation in Maine Senate Race
Washington Post
Battleground Counties: 'People Get Along Across the Divide'
National Journal
Do Immigrants Threaten American Values?
National Journal
News Analysis: Obama Faces a Frustrated Hispanic Electorate
New York Times
The Mind of a Drone Pilot
  Blogged At: Andrew Sullivan, Crooked Timber, Crooks and Liars
Analysis: Wisconsin Now Less Easy for Obama, But Still Not Easy for Romney
Uncompromised: Why Scott Walker Survived His Recall
News Analysis: In Economic Deluge, a World That's Unable to Bail Together
New York Times
  Blogged At: Atrios
Presidential Portraits, from Washington to Obama
National Journal
President Obama's Evolution on the CIA
We Don't Need No Education
Paul Krugman
  Blogged At: Daily Kos, Ezra Klein, The Moderate Voice
What Republicans Think
David Brooks
  Blogged At: Balloon Juice, Daily Kos, Political Animal, The New Republic
Not Jeb Bush's GOP
John Dickerson
Two Worlds Cracking Up
Thomas L. Friedman
  Blogged At: Political Animal
The Follower Problem
David Brooks
  Blogged At: Balloon Juice, Crooked Timber, Firedoglake
Government is the Solution
E.J. Dionne Jr.
  Blogged At: Daily Kos, Ezra Klein
The G.O.P.'s Gay Trajectory
Frank Bruni
  Blogged At: Andrew Sullivan, Huffington Post, Michelle Malkin, RedState, Think Progress
From Peace Prize to Paralysis
Nicholas D. Kristof
  Blogged At: RedState
Obama's Performance, Economy Foremost in Voters' Minds
Gallup Poll
  Blogged At: Digby's Hullabaloo
Americans Still Blame Bush More Than Obama for Bad Economy
Gallup Poll
  Blogged At: Andrew Sullivan, Crooks and Liars, Daily Kos, Ezra Klein, Huffington Post, Outside The Beltway, Political Animal
Republicans, Democrats At Odds on Energy Issues
Boston Globe
Obama Up 6 in Nevada
Public Policy Polling
  Blogged At: Daily Kos, The Moderate Voice
U.S. Satisfaction Slips Slightly to 20%
Gallup Poll
  Blogged At: Firedoglake, Outside The Beltway
Obama's White Base Shows Cracks Compared With 2008
Gallup Poll
  Blogged At: Outside The Beltway, PoliPundit, The Moderate Voice
Same Old Story in Nevada
Public Policy Polling
  Blogged At: Daily Kos
Romney Holds Small Lead in NC
Public Policy Polling
  Blogged At: Daily Kos, Firedoglake, Outside The Beltway
Poll: Obama Leads in Pennsylvania But Remains Vulnerable
National Journal
  Blogged At: The Hotline
Congress Approval At 17% in June
Gallup Poll
Democrats Up Big in Giffords Special Election, Automated Poll Shows
Washington Post
Dems Likely to Hold Giffords Seat
Public Policy Polling
  Blogged At: Daily Kos, Firedoglake, PoliPundit
  None Of The Above  
Presidents' Portraits: A Friendly Tradition, a Touch of Politics
Indelible Image of Boy's Pat on Obama's Head
New York Times
Camp David, from FDR Through Obama
CBS News
Secrets of the Presidents Club: How Bill Clinton Learned to Salute
Mustached Americans Seek Tax Break for Grooming Products
FOX News
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