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Archives - Sunday, May 13, 2012
Actions in Congress Resonate in the Race for the White House
New York Times
In Military-Rich Battlegrounds, Obama Targets New Group: Veterans
Washington Post
  Blogged At: Ezra Klein, Political Animal
House Lawmakers Face Renewed Fight Over Detainee Provisions
The Hill
Conservatives Grumble At GOP Leader Cantor's Bipartisan Efforts
The Hill
  Blogged At: Political Animal, RedState
Both Parties in Congress Are Turning Popular Bills Into Tough Ones for Opposition to Support
FOX News
As Romney Drifts, Boehner Stays Focused on Economic Message
The Hill
Tea Party Focus Turns to Senate and Shake-Up
New York Times
Romney Backs Away from Supporting Same-Sex Adoption
Romney Adamantly Rejects Same-Sex Marriage
Gay Republicans Decry Romney's Decision to Speak At Liberty University
Romney Woos Evangelicals, Treading Lightly on Gay Marriage
New York Times
Many Blacks Shrug Off Obama's Same-Sex Views
CBS News
Mitt Uses Carter As Campaign Weapon
  Blogged At: Instapundit, Outside The Beltway, RedState
Gay Marriage Issue: Who Does It Hurt Most, Obama Or Romney?
Christian Science Monitor
Harry Reid Finally Gets Fed Up With 'Mindless' Republican Obstructionism
  News - U.S.  
Corruption Flows Freely Along U.S.-Mexico Border
Los Angeles Times
Community College Students Unlikely to Benefit from Cheap Loans
U.S. News & World Report
Postal Service Plans to Keep Rural Post Offices, Cut Hours
Los Angeles Times
Year Shapes Up to Be Big One for Both Sides of Gay Marriage Battle
McClatchy News
93-Year-Old Woman Suing Pennsylvania Over Voter ID Law
U.S. Obesity Rate Estimated to Reach 42 Percent By 2030
Planned Parenthood Fight Continues At State Level
Washington Post
Iowa Judges Ousted After Legalizing Same-Sex Marriage to Receive Profiles in Courage Award
CBS News
Pentagon Report Says Defense Department Whistleblowers Have Been Left Vulnerable to Reprisals
Washington Post
  Blogged At: Firedoglake, Huffington Post
New Fracking Rule is Issued By Obama Administration
New York Times
April Jobs Report Indicates Slowing Economy; Unemployment Drops to 8.1 Percent
McClatchy News
Despite Weak Jobs Growth, Unemployment Dropped in April
National Journal
  Blogged At: The Hotline
The Class of 2012: Labor Market for Young Graduates Remains Grim
Economic Policy Institute
On National Day of Prayer, Plenty of Politics
Christian Science Monitor
Medicare Disruptions Seen If Health Law is Struck
  News - World  
US Escalates Drone War on Al Qaeda
ABC News
Iran, Unable to Sell Oil, Stores It on Tankers
Washington Post
  Blogged At: Ezra Klein
U.S. Trains African Soldiers for Somalia Mission
Washington Post
U.S. May Scrap Costly Effort to Train Iraqi Police
New York Times
  Blogged At: Atrios, Firedoglake
The Triage Commander: Gen. John Allen Hastily Transforming U.S. Mission in Afghanistan
Washington Post
Around World, Obama's Presidency a Disappointment
ABC News
Morning Brief: Egypt Holds First Presidential Debate
Sen. Richard Lugar's Departure Ends Age of Quiet Diplomacy
Los Angeles Times
Morning Brief: Prospects for Greek Coalition Government Dim
Suicide Mission Volunteer Was Double Agent, Officials Say
New York Times
  Blogged At: Firedoglake, The Moderate Voice, TPMmuckraker
Officials: Bomber-To-Be Was Informant
Morning Brief: Greek Leftists Attempt to Form Government
  Latest About Moderates  
Right Wants More from Boehner
New Dems Try to Redefine 'Moderate'
Sen. Richard Lugar's Defeat Bodes Badly for Compromise, Centrism
McClatchy News
Moderate Dems Bail on Obama in Primary Votes
FOX News
Understanding Voters on Gay Issue: It's One for the Ages
National Journal
Why a Third-Party Campaign Effort Sputtered
  Blogged At: Balloon Juice, Daily Kos
Qaeda Leak Boosts CIA Myth
  Blogged At: Andrew Sullivan
Twilight of the Moderates
  Blogged At: Daily Kos
Learning That Works: Rethinking America's Vocational Education
News Analysis: A Romney Rambler Looks Back
New York Times
Al-Qaeda is Weaker Without Bin Laden, But Its Franchise Persists
Washington Post
  Blogged At: Ezra Klein
The Last Days of Osama Bin Laden
Why We Regulate
Paul Krugman
  Blogged At: Crooks and Liars, Daily Kos, Ezra Klein, Firedoglake, Political Animal, The Moderate Voice
Saving the Lives of Moms
Nicholas D. Kristof
This Column is Not Sponsored By Anyone
Thomas L. Friedman
  Blogged At: Balloon Juice, Huffington Post
Seeking Original Bliss
Maureen Dowd
Mean Boys
Charles M. Blow
  Blogged At: Outside The Beltway
Big Problems for Small Pols
Roger Simon
Easy Useless Economics
Paul Krugman
  Blogged At: Daily Kos, Ezra Klein
Poverty's Poster Child
Nicholas D. Kristof
Majority Say Obama's Gay Marriage Stance Won't Change Their Vote
New York Times
Six in 10 Say Obama Same-Sex Marriage View Won't Sway Vote
Gallup Poll
  Blogged At: Donklephant, Firedoglake, PoliPundit, Political Animal
Poll: 51% Agree With Obama's Endorsement of Gay Marriage
USA Today
  Blogged At: Outside The Beltway, The Moderate Voice, Think Progress
Poll: Economic Mood Grows Darker
  Blogged At: Outside The Beltway
Poll: Americans Like the Rich Class
Voters Give Romney Slight Edge Over Obama on Economy
Gallup Poll
Clinton, Huckabee/Santorum/Christie Lead Iowa 2016
Public Policy Polling
In Tight Race, Both Obama, Romney Have Core Support Groups
Gallup Poll
Support for Gay Marriage Outweighs Opposition in Polls
New York Times
Gender Gap in Obama Approval Constant Since Term Began
Gallup Poll
Poll: Afghan War Backing At New Low
Obama Has Big Likability Edge Over Romney
Gallup Poll
  Blogged At: Daily Kos, Outside The Beltway
  None Of The Above  
Secrets of the Presidents Club: How Bill Clinton Learned to Salute
Mustached Americans Seek Tax Break for Grooming Products
FOX News
Obama and Golf: Par for the Course for Presidents
From 'Blast Boxers' to Golden-I: Five Military Gadgets That Could Change War
Christian Science Monitor
Air Force One Pilot's 9/11 Mission: Keep President Safe
USA Today
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