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Archives - Tuesday, February 14, 2012
Boehner Faces Heat Despite Deal
Defense Cuts Could Hurt Obama Camp
New Defense Cuts Threaten Bases, Shipyards
McConnell Declines to Endorse House GOP Payroll Tax Proposal
The Hill
In New Ad, Santorum is a 'Full-Spectrum Conservative'
New York Times
Reid to Allow Vote on Rescinding Contraception Rule
National Journal
  Blogged At: Andrew Sullivan
Pelosi Says House Democrats Will Support GOP Payroll Plan
The Hill
Transportation Tops Political Agenda
Harry Reid Will Allow Vote on GOP Birth Control Proposal
Roll Call
Why Do Tea Partiers Flock to Santorum, Given His Voting Record?
McClatchy News
No Budget? No Problem! The Strange Politics Behind a Budgetless America.
Christian Science Monitor
Congress Poised to Scale Back Unemployment Benefits from 99 Weeksx
Christian Science Monitor
Should Parties Say Farewell to Caucuses?
Washington Post
Congress Weighs GOP Payroll Tax Gambit
Can Rick Santorum Become More Than 'Not Romney'?
Washington Post
  News - U.S.  
Manufacturing Math May Not Add Up
Federal Diary: Government Continues to Shrink, Despite 'Obesity Problem' Rhetoric
Washington Post
Health-Care Fraud Crackdown Nets $4.1b. Is That a Lot?
Christian Science Monitor
The Return of Economic Optimism?
Washington Post
American Kids of Immigrants Denied Food Stamps in Alabama
Unemployment, Economic Picture Revised, More Positive
USA Today
First New U.S. Nuclear Reactors in Decades Approved
Los Angeles Times
Nuclear Power: NRC Approves First New Reactors Since 1978
Christian Science Monitor
Landmark Settlement Announced on Foreclosure, Mortgage Fraud
Washington Post
Military to Ease Restrictions on Women in Combat
Home-Grown Terror Threat Receding, But Post-9/11 America Remains on Edge
Christian Science Monitor
Can American Manufacturing Really Be Cornerstone of Economic Revival?
Christian Science Monitor
Radical Muslim Americans Pose Little Threat, Study Says
New York Times
Forecasts Often Trouble Finance Pros
Komen Vice President Resigns As Details Emerge on Planned Parenthood Debate
Washington Post
  Blogged At: Daily Kos, Ezra Klein
  News - World  
Syria 'Much Different' Than Libya, 'Big Players' Involved in Conflict
FOX News
Portugal's Debt Efforts May Be a Warning for Greece
New York Times
  Blogged At: Atrios, Firedoglake
Pakistan Still Holding Bin Laden Family Months After Raid
McClatchy News
Strait of Hormuz: US Aircraft Carrier Shadowed By Iran in Gulf
Morning Brief: China's Vice President Begins U.S. Visit
Panetta Doubts Israel Has Decided on Iran Attack
CBS News
Visiting China VP Urges U.S. to 'Promote Trust'
Members Press China on Iran, Currency, Human Rights
Washington Post
Obama Asks for $770 Million to Boost Arab Democracy
State Dep't: U.S. to Meet N. Koreans in Beijing
USA Today
Two Officers Counter Bleak Assessment of Afghan War
New York Times
Morning Brief: Greece Passes Austerity Plan Amid Furious Protests
  Latest About Moderates  
Moderate Republicans Spotted in the House?
New York Times
U.S. House Has Fewer Moderate Democrats
USA Today
Blue Dogs Back STOCK Act
Death of Bipartisanship has Killed the Washington Deal
  Blogged At: Crooks and Liars, Firedoglake, Outside The Beltway
Xi Visits Washington: What the U.S. Can Expect from China's Next Leader
America's Big Wealth Gap: Is It Good, Bad, Or Irrelevant?
Christian Science Monitor
Analysis: Politics Trumps Policy in Obama Budget
Analysis: Obama Pitches Middle While GOP Eyes Base
Why the Future Depends on Today's Discouraged Workers
Women in Combat: Military Changes Gender Rules
The Beginning of the End for No Child Left Behind
No Child Left Behind Waivers: Five Ways Education Will Change
Christian Science Monitor
Drumming Up a Phony War on Religion
Eugene Robinson
Like Father, Like Son
Thomas L. Friedman
The Left's Mixed Message on Middle-Class Benefits
Matt Bai
The Materialist Fallacy
David Brooks
  Blogged At: Americablog
Severe Conservative Syndrome
Paul Krugman
  Blogged At: Daily Kos, Ezra Klein, Firedoglake, Huffington Post, The Moderate Voice
We Need a Second Party
Thomas L. Friedman
  Blogged At: Balloon Juice, Crooks and Liars, Daily Kos, Outside The Beltway
Beyond Pelvic Politics
Nicholas D. Kristof
  Blogged At: Balloon Juice, Crooked Timber, Huffington Post
The Crowd Pleaser
David Brooks
  Blogged At: Daily Kos, The New Republic
Poll: Obama Performance Rating Creeps Up  
CBS News
Public Divided Over Birth Control Insurance Mandate
Pew Research Center
Catholics' Approval of Obama Little Changed
Gallup Poll
  Blogged At: Andrew Sullivan, Daily Kos, Firedoglake, Outside The Beltway, The Moderate Voice, The New Republic
Rick Santorum Now Rivals Mitt Romney in Popularity, Poll Finds
Washington Post
Stabenow Up 14 on Hoekstra As Ad Backfires
Public Policy Polling
  Blogged At: Firedoglake
Romney's Electability Argument Weakening?
Public Policy Polling
  Blogged At: Balloon Juice, Daily Kos, Donklephant
Santorum is Tied With Romney in New Poll
New York Times
  Blogged At: Daily Kos, Outside The Beltway
Americans, Opinion Leaders See U.S.-China Ties As Friendly
Gallup Poll
Santorum Surges Slightly Ahead of Romney  
CBS News
Santorum Surges to Tie Romney
Gallup Poll
  Blogged At: Daily Kos, Firedoglake, Outside The Beltway, The Moderate Voice
Poll: Americans Split on Concern for Very Poor
National Journal
  Blogged At: Balloon Juice, Firedoglake, Think Progress
Santorum Catches Romney in GOP Race
Pew Research Center
  None Of The Above  
Obama and Golf: Par for the Course for Presidents
From 'Blast Boxers' to Golden-I: Five Military Gadgets That Could Change War
Christian Science Monitor
Air Force One Pilot's 9/11 Mission: Keep President Safe
USA Today
Political Faux: Washington's Power Players Work Hard to Perfect An Image and So Do Their Impersonators.
Washington Post
Historians Question White House Bios
ABC News
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