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Archives - Thursday, January 05, 2012
In N.H., Santorum Turns Professorial
N.H. Voters Give Santorum a Second Look After Iowa
SCOTUS Campaign Finance Redux?
Bucking His Own Party Again, Brown Backs Obama on Consumer Watchdog Nomination
CBS News
Will GOP's 2011 Star Survive Recall in 2012?
Obama Vows US Will Stay World's Top Military Power
Cordray Moves Forward Despite Appointment Challenges
Washington Post
Landslide '06 Loss Undercuts Santorum's Bid
Analysis: Romney Tax Plan Would Most Benefit Wealthy
McClatchy News
House Dems Hammer GOP on Jobs
The Hill
Report: Santorum Raises $2 Million in Two Days Since Iowa Caucuses
Washington Post
Santorum Plays Down Long History As Washington Insider
Washington Post
  Blogged At: Outside The Beltway
Obama Describes Refocused Strategy for Leaner Military
New York Times
Consumer Bureau Chief Begins Supervision of Payday Lenders
Los Angeles Times
Under New Defense Strategy, What is Biggest Threat Facing US Now?
Christian Science Monitor
  News - U.S.  
Natural Gas, Oil Boom Spurs Sand Mining in Midwest
ABC News
Most Minimum-Wage Workers Are Not Teenagers
Economic Policy Institute
Worries Mount Over Lack of Physical Education in Schools
McClatchy News
Still Waiting for Cleanup in Foreclosure Mess
Obama, Clinton Top Most-Admired Lists for 2011
USA Today
From Tanning Beds to Immigration Policies, States Set to Enact Controversial Laws
ABC News
  Blogged At: Think Progress
US Cities Struggle to Control Sewer Overflows
ABC News
A Military Base 'On the Brink'
Los Angeles Times
Comprehensive Soldier Fitness Program Aims to Equip Troops Mentally
Los Angeles Times
Top U.S. Officer Decries Hazing After Troop Suicides
For Some Making Minimum Wage, the New Year Holds Modest Promise
Christian Science Monitor
As Shale Oil Fracking Booms, Environmental Protection Lags
McClatchy News
EPA Forces Dirtiest Power Plants to Clean Up Toxic Air Pollution, But Allows Leeway on Timing
Washington Post
More Predator Drones Fly U.S.-Mexico Border
Washington Post
  Blogged At: Firedoglake
Rich People Less Empathetic Than the Poor: Study
  News - World  
Morning Brief: Europeans Push Forward With Oil Embargo on Iran
Morning Brief: Arab League's Syria Mission Sputters
U.S. Reverses Policy in Reaching Out to Muslim Brotherhood
New York Times
  Blogged At: The Volokh Conspiracy
Morning Brief: Egyptians Vote in Final Round of Parliamentary Elections
Defense Secretary Panetta Faces Tough Choices on National Security in 2012
Washington Post
Maliki Celebrates End of U.S.-Iraq Pact
Washington Post
Morning Brief: North Korea Says Its Policies Will Not Change
Hundreds of Iraqis Cheer Departure of US Forces
ABC News
U.S. Sends 'Strong Message' With Saudi Fighter Deal
Iran Could Disrupt But Not Halt Oil Traffic in Strait and Would Pay Heavy Price, Analysts Say
Washington Post
US Weapons Sales to Iraq: Still a Good Idea As Violence Escalates?
Christian Science Monitor
Morning Brief: Kim Jong Un Declared North Korea's New Supreme Leader
  Latest About Moderates  
The End of Gerrymandering
Mitt Romney Vs. Newt Gingrich: Making 'Moderate' a Dirty Word
Christian Science Monitor
Big Liberal Money May Skip Moderates
  Blogged At: Digby's Hullabaloo
Moderate Senators Disappear  
CBS News
Why Romney and Santorum Fought to a Draw in Iowa
National Journal
Pentagon to Abandon Two-War Strategy, But At What Cost to US Security?
Christian Science Monitor
The Next War: Pentagon to Present Vision of Reduced Military
New York Times
Welcome to the 'Big Sifter': Iowa on Caucus Day
News Analysis: Oil Sands Pipeline Seems Likely to Endure
New York Times
  Blogged At: Ezra Klein
Unemployment Extension 101: What the Payroll Tax Deal Means for the Jobless
Christian Science Monitor
Behind the Scenes of the House Republicans' Self-Inflicted Wound
National Journal
For Obama, Payroll Tax Victory Was Aided By Republicans
New York Times
The Danger in a Declining Middle Class
David Ignatius
Santorum, Huntsman and the Future of Conservatism
E.J. Dionne Jr.
  Blogged At: Daily Kos, Digby's Hullabaloo
Iowa and the Future of History
Matt Miller
Waiting for Mitt the Moderate
Nicholas D. Kristof
  Blogged At: Daily Kos
It is to Weep
Roger Simon
Three Very Different GOPs in Iowa
E.J. Dionne Jr.
E.J. Dionne Jr.: Three Very Different GOPs in Iowa
E.J. Dionne Jr.
So Much Fun. So Irrelevant.
Thomas L. Friedman
  Blogged At: Digby's Hullabaloo
Obama Begins 2012 At 46% Job Approval
Gallup Poll
New Poll Suggests Shift in the Numbers
New York Times
National GOP Leader Post-New Hampshire is Good Bet to Win
Gallup Poll
  Blogged At: Andrew Sullivan
Looking At the 2012 Electoral Map
Public Policy Polling
  Blogged At: Daily Kos, Outside The Beltway
CNN/ORC Survey Shows Limited Santorum Gains in N.H.
National Journal
Protestant, Catholic GOP Vote Similar to National Average
Gallup Poll
Rick Santorum's Iowa Surge. Charted.
Washington Post
GOP 2012 Battle to Date Most Akin to Dems in 2003
Gallup Poll
CNN Iowa Insiders Survey: Two Out of Three Think Romney Will Win Caucuses
Headed for a Photo Finish in Iowa
Public Policy Polling
  Blogged At: Andrew Sullivan, Donklephant, Little Green Footballs, Outside The Beltway, PoliPundit, Talking Points Memo, The Moderate Voice
Hours Before Iowa, Mitt Romney Leads (Barely), Rick Santorum Surges
Christian Science Monitor
Iowa Update: Slow and Steady May Win the Race for Romney
New York Times
  Blogged At: Andrew Sullivan, Crooks and Liars, PoliPundit
  None Of The Above  
From 'Blast Boxers' to Golden-I: Five Military Gadgets That Could Change War
Christian Science Monitor
Air Force One Pilot's 9/11 Mission: Keep President Safe
USA Today
Political Faux: Washington's Power Players Work Hard to Perfect An Image and So Do Their Impersonators.
Washington Post
Historians Question White House Bios
ABC News
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